Hi, I’m JoAnne Kao.

I’m in the relationship business. I bring people together.

In fact, I’m building a revolution of Unapologetic Leadership, Daring Women to Succeed.


I’m so glad you’re here.

In a society that encourages women to use their voices, many don’t know how. I show women how to find their voice, be proud of their unique backgrounds and turn differences into superpowers.

Let’s find yours.


It has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with JoAnne! She’s my GO TO Broker for all client referrals from Ontario to New York City and vice-versa; and my clients have been absolutely delighted with her help & professional advice.

Salman Khan

BCom, MBA | Realtor® | Award-winning Real Estate Broker & Investment Strategist | ABR® | SRS | Commercial & Residential Real Estate

Pontis Realty Inc., Brokerage

Great job on the panel at ASCEND! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was thrilled to see someone in real estate up there! Your story was great and helps to think that digital advances continue to help!

Alice Hu

Growth Mindset Subscriber | Analytical Collaborator | People Connector

It was a pleasure to meet you in person and listen to your inspirational story. You gave back energy and inspired all attendees. LOVED.

Sadhna Krishna

Director, Business Process Outsourcing, MMD Shared Services

Merck & Co.

I can help you in two distinct ways:


Empowering Through Speaking Engagements:

No matter if I’m speaking at your event, panel, workshop, alumni group, professional development offsite, the topics I speak on transform audiences large and small.
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Wealth Building Through Real Estate and Referrals:

People often refer to me as the go-to broker for facilitating real estate business all around the world. I help clients at every stage of the transaction and every type of product including residential, commercial and investments. Let’s get you where you need to go.
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