If you want to be seen and use your voice or you want to feel confident in your investment decisions, I can help.

Hello, I'm JoAnne Kao

I'm building a revolution of unapologetic leadership where I'm daring women (and a few courageous men) to succeed.

I'm thrilled to have you here.

In a society that encourages women to use their voices, many don't know how. That’s where I come in.

I'm teaching women to take a seat at the table, be proud of their unique backgrounds and turn differences into superpowers.


Let's embark on this empowering journey together

I'm here to assist you in two distinct ways:

Empowering Through Speaking Engagements:

Whether I'm delivering a compelling talk at your event, participating in a panel, facilitating a workshop, engaging with your alumni group, or contributing to a professional development offsite, the transformative topics I address resonate with audiences of all sizes. Finding Your Voice, Facing Your Fears, and Having Tough Conversations—these critical aspects of personal and professional growth are the focal points of my discussions. If you're ready to elevate your understanding of leadership and personal empowerment, let’s explore how my speaking engagements can make a difference for your audience.
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Wealth Building Through Real Estate and Referrals:

No matter if I am helping someone find the home of their dreams or investment of their dreams, I help transform futures. I've earned a reputation as the trusted broker for facilitating connections in both domestic and international business. Throughout various stages of transactions, I assist clients across a spectrum of property types, including residential, commercial, and investments. Partner with me as we navigate toward your goals and aspirations. If you're seeking guidance on business referrals and growth, click the "Let’s do this" button to find out how I can assist you on your journey.
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JoAnne Kao

A dynamic force in the professional landscape, she is a founder, speaker, investor, and innovative problem solver.

JoAnne Kao is a multifaceted professional, serving as a founder, speaker, investor, and problem solver. As the CEO of JOANNE KAO NYC, she spearheads a new era in real estate, curating exclusive and personalized experiences for clients worldwide. Leveraging the strength of her extensive network, JoAnne brings forth a wealth of expertise rooted in meaningful relationships, seamlessly addressing clients' diverse real estate needs by connecting them with perfect solutions. JoAnne is on a mission, inspiring the next generation of women leaders where she’s “Daring Women to Succeed”, empowering women to find their voices, take a seat at the table, and transform their unique backgrounds into powerful assets.

With over a decade in the startup and entrepreneurial field, JoAnne has a rich history of founding ventures. JOANNE KAO NYC is a prominent real estate firm catering to select buyers, sellers, and investors all over the world. In 2012, she founded JK FoodCrush in San Francisco at the peak of the food pop-up scene.

At JK FoodCrush, JoAnne established a proprietary dinner events company, orchestrating unique culinary experiences featuring 5-course meals and wine pairings. Her innovative approach involved hiring top chefs to create unforgettable dining experiences in distinctive locations.


Throughout her 15 years in media publishing, specializing in advertising sales, JoAnne excels in connecting individuals across diverse industries, transforming encounters into valuable opportunities. As a VC Investor, she is committed to reshaping the investment landscape through supporting women-led entrepreneurial ventures for both returns and impact.

As a first-generation Asian American immigrant, JoAnne experienced firsthand what it means to be typecast as a “good immigrant”, being teased for being different, for never quite “fitting in” which transcended into her subsequent career and life. Through speaking, JoAnne shares her stories about overcoming adversity, owning yourself, living life with purpose, defining your legacy, and opening doors for others.

Fun Facts:
JoAnne’s first job was scooping 31 classic ice cream flavors at Baskin Robbins in her hometown.
JoAnne's childhood hustle was going door-to-door selling Christmas cards to score the ultimate prize—a Betty Crocker Easy Bake Oven.